Drone view of the Statler in downtown Dallas - Aerial view of a vibrant cityscape featuring a mixture of modern glass skyscrapers and historic brick buildings. In the foreground are rooftops with green spaces and a pool, blending into a bustling downtown area.
Building a Sense of Place

We love an architectural challenge

WeWork Domain's modern office space has wooden floors and tables featuring working people. Vibrant graffiti art on the wall, industrial lighting, and visible exit signs contribute to a lively, urban workspace atmosphere.
This is an exterior view of the AC Hotel Fort Worth Downtown Marriott at twilight. It is a modern building with illuminated signs and large windows located in downtown Fort Worth near Sundance Square.
East Quarter mixed-use common area. This elegant lounge has exposed brick walls and large windows. It features hanging teardrop-shaped lights, a black fireplace, a wooden coffee table, and stylish seating, including dark leather armchairs.
A modern apartment complex courtyard with a swimming pool centered between symmetrical buildings, lounging areas with stylish furniture and string lights overhead, and manicured landscaping surrounds it.
EpicCentral Loop 9 BBQ patio: This is an outdoor community area featuring a slatted roof structure casting shadows on a paved pathway, surrounded by manicured green lawns, trees, modern playground equipment, and a sleek building with large windows in the background, under a clear blue sky.
Inside McLaren Automotive's new North American HQ in Coppell, north of Dallas, is a modern car showroom featuring six sleek, high-performance sports cars arranged diagonally in various colors, including black, orange, and blue. The room is white and well-lit, with framed car artwork on the side wall.
A modern office lobby with a high ceiling features large glass windows overlooking trees, a staircase leading up to a mezzanine, and stylish furniture, including a brown sofa and a round glass table set on a vibrant blue geometric rug.
Statler Hilton in Dallas features a stylish & welcoming hotel lobby with a luxurious design featuring a long, tufted sofa, a unique swivel chair, and a marble coffee table on a geometric rug. the space includes a grand staircase, floor-to-ceiling windows, and contemporary art pieces.
Boheme Dallas has a spacious lobby featuring patterned tile flooring, teal walls with decorative tiles, dark wooden ceiling beams, and contemporary seating. A sign saying "home" is on the right. Large windows provide natural light.
Downtown Dallas Inc. corporate headquarters. This modern office space features a row of high tables with stools, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking city buildings, and a bright yellow-textured wall. The environment is well-lit with overhead lights.

Since 1987, Merriman Anderson Architects (MAA) has been helping visionary clients reimagine architecture.

MAA has been planning, designing, and building projects worldwide for nearly 40 years 

Personalized Process
Through close collaboration with our clients and consultants, we amplify ideas with the expertise and imagination of our creative team.

Ambitious Excellence
Every client gets the best from our responsive people to hit goals for aesthetics, functionality, timeliness, and profitability.

Unique Creativity
Whether you decide to complement or contrast with the surrounding architecture, your completed structure will reflect your vision, which was brought out through deep collaborative efforts with our design professionals.

A collaborative office environment where two architect design professionals are standing at a desk reviewing large architectural drawings. One uses a red marker. A laptop and other office supplies are visible.

We are committed to breathing fresh life into elegant, timeless buildings and creating new architecture that will stand the test of time. We aim to spur development and economic prosperity while creating exciting and welcoming built environments.

Portfolio of Work

AC Hotel Fort Worth Downtown | Marriott main entrance. This is an exterior view of the AC Hotel Fort Worth at twilight. The modern facade features large windows and is illuminated by soft lighting. The building is flanked by city streets and taller buildings on either side.
AC Hotel Fort Worth Downtown | Marriott
Aerial view of a commercial and entertainment complex. The main building features signs for Andretti Indoor Karting & Games. There's a tall vertical sign with digital displays and colorful art. A Ferris wheel is visible on the right, and various smaller buildings and structures surround the area.
The Hyatt Regency Hill Country has a spacious, elegant bar area with large windows letting in natural light. The bar features a long marble countertop with stylish wooden bar stools. Modern chandeliers hang from a wood-paneled ceiling, and there are multiple shelves with bottles and two large flat-screen TVs above the bar.
Hyatt Regency Hill Country
Thirteen Thirty-Three building exterior. This is a 3D rendering of a modern, multi-story office building with large glass windows and a dark frame. The street scene includes pedestrians, blooming trees, and cars in motion on a sunny day.
Thirteen Thirty Three Oak Lawn

It’s hard to choose favorites from hundreds of projects. However, we’ve curated a collection that showcases the wide variety of clients we’ve served and the industries we’ve touched through the years.


The Flynn at Live Oak will serve the growing demand of young professionals who want to live in East Dallas.

Jason Young | Conor Commercial Real Estate

Groundbreaking for apartments on vacant East Dallas block

The Flynn at Live Oak will offer a variety of attractive studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom floorplans.