AC Hotel Fort Worth Downtown

October 21, 2021
AC_DFWAC_lighting detail

AC Hotel Fort Worth Downtown

Merriman Anderson Architects implemented a modern design for AC Hotel Fort Worth Downtown using a combination of materials to allow the new building to blend with the adjacent historic structures in downtown.

Merriman Anderson Architects was the architect and designer for AC Hotel Fort Worth Downtown. The hotel is located on the southwest corner of Fifth and Main Street in downtown Fort Worth, and is half a block away from Sundance Square. It is the first AC Hotel by Marriott to debut in Tarrant County.

The hotel features 252 guest rooms, 16 floors, meeting functions, top floor event space with incredible views, full bar, wellness center, library, serene outdoor space, and grade-level retail space.

The design team was tasked with the challenge of marrying the European modern design style of AC Hotels by Marriott, while adding the texture, style, and familiarity of the local Fort Worth design for this project.

Design inspiration was taken from the aeronautic history of North Texas. The aviation industry was a key factor in Fort Worth’s development from a cattle town to the booming metropolis it is now known for. The design of the reception desk screens was inspired by the shape of an airplane. The lights hanging directly outside of the elevators on level two give homage to the shape of an airplane’s wings.

To pay tribute to Fort Worth’s rich history, miscellaneous accessories, books, and art pieces can be found throughout the entire hotel that reflect the city’s roots, such as the light fixtures on the first floor elevator lobby that are reminiscent of a cowboy hat. All of the artwork on the guestroom levels are historic photos of Fort Worth with a colorful, modern twist. The panels on the front of the bar consist of leather belts and various belt buckles adhered to a panel. The varying textures throughout the hotel offer a “Texas feel” while the monochromatic color scheme fits within the modern design of AC Hotels by Marriott.

DesignMerriman Anderson Architects
Photography: Courtesy of AC Hotel Fort Worth Downtown