Dallas developer Hoque Global heads to Mansfield with mixed-use project

September 30, 2022

Dallas-based Hoque Global is teaming up with the Tarrant County city of Mansfield on a $65 million mixed-use development.

Called Smith & Elm, the project in Mansfield’s historic downtown district will include apartments and retail space.

“Downtown is a gem in our community, and we are excited to see new development coming to take the area to the next level,” Mansfield Mayor Michael Evans said in a statement. “We believe the mix of housing, innovation and community space will bring together a greater good for our city.”

In its first phase, Smith & Elm will include 253 apartments with ground-floor live/workspaces and about 13,000 square feet of retail and restaurants.

Hoque Global is working with GSV Labs to create an innovation hub at Smith & Elm.

“We see the concept of innovation and creativity happening at a global scale, but it all starts with local connections,” Michael Moe, founder and CEO of GSV Labs, said in a statement. “Our model of having satellite innovation hubs in local centers where people connect and where local talent thrives will be a big driver for new ideas to come to fruition.”

Hoque Global is also partnering with California-based GSV Ventures on its SoGood redevelopment south of downtown Dallas.

“Our company and partners are focused on having meaningful, significant impacts on the communities where we do business,” said Mike Hoque, CEO of Hoque Global. “We believe Smith & Elm with its focus on innovation, community building and integration with the historic downtown will be a catalyst for more growth and opportunities in the area.”

Merriman Anderson Architects is designing Smith & Elm, which is scheduled for a construction start late this year.

The city of Mansfield recently voted on a tax increment reinvestment zone to help fund the downtown project.

Hoque Global is also working on mixed-use developments in downtown Dallas and in southern Dallas near Interstate 20.