Epic Central_Final-3235

Client: City of Grand Prairie

The EpicCentralĀ is meant to be a destination experience where families can enjoy a staycation/vacation as the restaurants share a site with a dual brand hotel, a convention center (both currently under construction), a recreation center – The Epic, an indoor waterpark – Epic Waters, Chicken & Pickle. The buildings are placed along the water’s edge in order to provide the best water views. Patios and outdoor seating are oriented towards the water. There is a water show at night that projects dancing images onto the water like a screen and plays music. There are Reed light poles throughout the site that connect to the light show technology. The promenade along the water edge encourages visitors to do more than just have dinner and leave, as they can walk between the different site functions away from parking lot traffic. There is an inclusive children’s park nearby – PlayGrand Adventures and Boulder Adventure Park also.

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