AC Hotel Fort Worth


Client: Jackson Shaw

Square Feet: 165,000

Opened: September 2021

The modern design of the 16-story AC Hotel Fort Worth incorporates a mixture of materials to allow the new building to blend seamlessly with the adjacent historic environment in downtown Fort Worth. The hotel features 252 guest rooms, meeting spaces, retail, and other amenities any guest will find useful. AC Hotel Fort Worth was also designed to meet the criteria to be LEED Certified.

With a nod to the aviation industry and Fort Worth, the interior design brings out the warmth and culture of the city while incorporating key form elements of airplanes throughout the environment. The reception desk screens are inspired by the shape of airplanes while the lighting outside the elevators resembles the wings of a plane. This industry played a huge factor in transforming Fort Worth from a cattle town into the thriving city it is today. The Marriott AC also pays homage to the city through books, historical photos, art piece selections, and other miscellaneous accessories found throughout the hotel. The AC Hotel delivers a real “Texas” feel while incorporating the modern design of AC Hotels by Marriott.

  • New construction
  • 252 guestrooms
  • Library, outdoor space and bar, wellness center, and coffee shop
  • Conveniently located near Fort Worth’s Sundance Square
  • Blends with adjacent historic structures
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