Mockingbird Plaza TOD

  • This challenging 12AC-assembled site within walking distance of Southern Methodist University is separated by a below-grade light rail line with a stop, and is bounded by an interstate and an important arterial
  • The infill site is adjacent to a neighborhood shopping area and an important intermodal transit stop
  • The plan integrates the parcels with their context and provides easy circulation for all modes of travel
  • It also unites the separate parcels across the rail canyon with a roundabout that provides access for both auto and pedestrian traffic
  • A central sculptural marks this pivotal point of connection
  • The hierarchical street grid defines three larger areas and further divides them into more pedestrian-scaled tree-lined streets that frame the required program and respect the existing residential and office uses
  • Each of the three areas contains a mix of retail, office and residential uses included in public and private green spaces, a necessary relief from the urban density
  • Parking is integrated on streets and in strategically placed structures