Peterbilt Plant 1 Expansion

  • Design-build project was a 19-month effort that could not impact the ongoing activity of the existing plant
  • The first phase involved the addition of 18 dock doors, an extended metal canopy, a new truck well and modifications to adapt the existing building to the expansion
  • The second phase included the expansion of the west dock by adding approximately 17,5000 gross square feet, including warehousing with new dock doors and levelers on the north facade and the extension of the current warehouse to the west and south with 11 new dock doors at the south
  • The third phase involved installaing a new automated parts move-and-retrieval system to increase productivity, plus structural upgrades to the existing building to support the new system on a mezzanine above the existing plant without shutting down the plant or production, as well as the addition of 3 new elevator parts, lifts and an extension of the rooftop enclosure to accommodate the new lifts